How We Began

In the early 90s, Scott Hanson and Pat McClain were serving clients as part of a large, national financial services company. Frustrated by working in an environment that was competitive rather than collaborative, and sales focused rather than service led, they founded Hanson McClain Advisors, an employee friendly, client-centric and education-based financial planning and investment management company.

How We Grew

With a business built on a foundation of transparency and education, Hanson McClain began conducting hundreds of free retirement workshops for Fortune 500 companies, labor unions, employee groups and community organizations. A light went off. Recognizing the public’s urgent need for access to unbiased financial advice, Scott and Pat launched Hanson McClain’s Money Matters radio show in 1996. Tens of thousands tuned in every weekend to hear Scott and Pat answer callers’ most pressing financial questions.

Where We Are Now

With clients across the nation, and over $2 billion under care, Hanson McClain boasts a team of highly qualified and well-educated Certified Financial Planners, Chartered Financial Analysts and other industry designations. In 2017, for the 6th year in a row, we were named one of the top 100 independent investment firms in America.‡ Money Matters is celebrating its 21st year of providing timely financial advice to callers, and has been recognized as one of the longest running financial radio programs in the country.

Where We Are Headed

The concept of retirement is evolving. Paradigms are shifting and a new normal is emerging. Staying true to our roots, we plan to lead the charge by bringing unbiased, straightforward financial and retirement advice to one million American households in the next 5 years. Combining our education-first advisory model with expertly-researched advice on achieving happiness and fulfillment in your post-work life, we plan to help an entire generation of Americans retire well.