Areas of Focus

Having worked with thousands of clients, we’ve seen almost every type of financial situation and investment preference imaginable. From these experiences, we’ve learned the things our clients value most in an advisor relationship.

From the articles we write, to the advice we recommend, throughout our relationship we’ll emphasize 4 key areas:

As an independent, fiduciary investment and retirement planning firm, our recommendations are entirely based on you meeting your goals and aspirations, and not on us selling products, meeting quotas, or striving for incentives that don’t serve you. When you thrive, we thrive.

Over the past two decades, we’ve managed complex portfolios and we’ve managed simple ones. We’ve seen laws and standards and regulations come, go and evolve. We’ve helped literally thousands of people from various professions achieve their retirement goals. Because of this, we’ve been recognized by Barron’s magazine as one of the Top 100 Independent Investment Advisory Firms in America for six years in a row.

Hanson McClain was founded to advise and educate. In light of this, we produce a wide variety of informative content covering topics like money, investing, the markets, and retirement living, just to name a few. These materials are available 24/7 to any of our clients who’d like access to them.

What do these pillars mean to you? Probably not much, so long as they remain only words on a page. But when you choose to work with Hanson McClain, we trust that you’ll quickly appreciate the role they play in our partnership.