• Our Fees

    Our fee structure was designed to mirror our advisory model: Easy to understand and, we believe, the very best way to help you meet your goals.

How do we get paid?

We are compensated for our investment advisory and retirement planning services through a single “all-in” advisory fee, which is calculated at the end of each calendar quarter. The fee amount is simply a percentage of the value of the investments that we manage on your behalf.

This single fee covers:

  • Credentialed investment advising
  • Comprehensive financial and retirement planning
  • Tax and insurance recommendations
  • Investment trades
  • Ongoing portfolio rebalances
  • On-demand account access through our client technology platform
  • Regularly scheduled meetings with your advisor

Unlike many other financial services firms, our compensation is not dependent upon the investments that we recommend, nor the advice that we offer. We are paid the same regardless of how you’re invested. This straightforward fee structure aligns your interests with ours.

When it comes to our ongoing partnership, although we will always work hard to retain you as a client, if you are not completely satisfied, you are free to leave at any time. And, there are no cancellation or termination fees should you decide to leave.

Lastly, before you become a Hanson McClain client, we’ll explain, in writing, exactly how we calculate your advisory fee. And, those fees will be clearly shown on your quarterly account statements.

When you partner with Hanson McClain, you’ll:

  • Know in advance exactly how your fees will be determined
  • Never be asked to sign a long-term contract

Our fee structure is so simple and direct, that when it comes to comparing us to other firms, with their hidden costs, transaction fees and commissions, you may think to yourself: “That’s it?”

Yes, that’s our entire fee structure.

Simple. Direct. Transparent.