Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions. We have answers. Below are some of the more commonly asked questions we receive.

We are located throughout Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area, and the Greater Denver Metro Area.

We do not charge for initial consultations or appointments.

Via the website here or by calling 888-2-HANSON.

Appointments generally last about one hour.

We ask that you bring your most recent retirement account statements, investment account statements, and a copy of last year’s tax return, along with any other forms or documents you think might help us to better understand your entire financial situation.

While not mandatory, we encourage spouses or domestic partners to attend all or most appointments.

To become a client of Hanson McClain we require that you have or will have $100,000 in manageable assets.

We are well-versed in many company pension plans and have worked with thousands of clients who have or were due to receive a pension.

We can absolutely help you with rollovers and with retirement account consolidations.

Keeping your specific financial and retirement goals in mind, and based on your plan’s offerings, at your request we will make recommendations about the investment allocation in your 401(k).

Yes. We manage portfolios for clients, as well as work with you to build a comprehensive investment and retirement plan.

No, but we will make general tax planning recommendations and professional referrals if we believe it is in the best interests of you or your family.

While we are not estate planning attorneys, we provide general estate and legacy planning recommendations, or professional referrals if we believe it will benefit you and your family.

While licensed to do so, we do not sell insurance. As part of an overall financial and retirement preparation plan, we will make insurance and professional recommendations if we believe it will benefit or protect you or your family.

Appointments are scheduled during regular business hours Monday through Friday.

Every recommendation we make must be in your best interests.

We get paid a percentage of the assets we manage for each client. For more information, visit our feespage.

All of our advisors are credentialed and have worked with clients for a minimum of 10 years.

We will match you with an advisor who is highly experienced working with people whose situations are similar to yours.

Pre-retirement planning is every bit as important and complex as transition planning or post retirement planning. It has been our experience that people who plan well for retirement are more likely to meet their financial goals, and are more likely to experience fulfilling retirements.

You can listen to Hanson McClain’s Money Matters podcast here.

You can subscribe to Hanson McClain’s Money Matters podcast here.

You can access your tax documents, along with account statements and trade confirmations, directly through the custodian’s website, or by clicking here.

You can access your account statements directly through the custodian’s website, or by clicking here.

You may establish online access for viewing balances, holdings and transactions using Hanson McClain’s Client View, and/or directly through the custodian’s website. Please contact the Hanson McClain Client Service Department at 916-482-2196 to receive your Hanson McClain Client View User ID. You must obtain your custodian username directly from the custodian’s website, or by clicking here.